Restaurant Weber Grill

Our butchers grind and make hamburgers on a daily basis. The chuck is stored at 30°F (-1°C) and ground each day starting at 7 am.

For some reason, my 8 year old daughter wanted ribs. Not a ton of options downtown, so this was it. Had us seated right at reservation time. Food was very ordinary, nothing special. Certainly much better barbecue type restaurants. Service was good considering we dined early and they we’re grossly understaffed. Acceptable meal, priced well.

Made a reservation for Thanksgiving. The restaurant as VERY crowded because there was a football game later in the evening and it was the holiday, but we were seated at almost the exact time of our reservation. I wanted a traditional Thanksgiving dinner and my son did not. This place was perfect for both of us. The turkey made on the grill was terrific as was the stuffing, mashed potatoes & brussel sprouts. My son enjoyed his bbq combo of brisket & ribs. Portions were huge. We were not rushed at all. We had a really nice meal.

When gas grills grew popular in the 1970s, the company offered a kettle fitted with a propane tank. The shape was so associated with charcoal grilling, it just never caught on,” Kempster says. In 1985, Weber-Stephen introduced the rectangular Genesis gas line with triangular Flavorizer” cooking bars designed to minimize flare-ups while mimicking the mouthwatering effect of meat and fish juices sizzling on hot coals. Today, four of Consumer Reports’ top seven midsize grills for 2013 are Webers, and the company’s new cookbook is an bestseller. Its U.S. call centers handle 500,000 questions a year, from how long to cook a pork tenderloin to the best way to grill a squirrel.

I say best and second-best piece of meat” rather than dish” because both plates suffered from lackluster sides. The chicken sits atop thuddingly dull garlic mashed potatoes. The burger comes with garlic-Parmesan fries — a no-brainer pairing in theory, but my fries were weirdly chewy.

As Weber Canada’s Grill Expert, Chef Michael P. Clive is responsible for training and education initiatives. He started his career in London, Ontario after graduating from Culinary Management and Tourism & Hospitality from Fanshawe College. Chef Clive has worked in some of Ontario’s finest restaurants and corporations, has had countless appearances on local and national television shows, and has even produced and hosted his own cooking shows.

We bought the Weber S-310 grill less than 5 years ago in 2011. A couple of months ago, we were pre-heating the grill and looked outside and saw giant flames coming out of the sides. Luckily our daughters and their friends, who were playing in the backyard, were far enough from the grill and weren’t harmed. Our grill is placed right next to our home, and the flames were close to reaching the walls before we were able to put it out. After inspecting what happened, we learned that the covering of the hose caught that runs from the ignitor under the grill to the natural gas connection caught on fire.

I also didn’t expect to be accused by their rep named Jill of not maintaining my grill. Twice she interrupted my account to state, categorically, that the cause was a grease fire, and that I should have followed the owner’s manual regarding regular maintenance of my grill. She did offer to send me free replacement parts but I told her that, since the grill was 7 years old, I wouldn’t be able to install a new control plate and, besides, I got my money’s worth out of the grill and would most likely just purchase a new one. I did mention that my only regret was that I had purchased recently two new grill grids and the triangular pieces that fit below them and shield the burners. And I told her that I had several photos on my iPhone of the damage. She took my home and e-mail addresses and the conversation ended.


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