Stanley’s Famous Pit BBQ Proudly Serving East Texas For Over 50 Years

Why am I doing a baby back ribs video in the dead of winter. I love how they taste. Sorry I don’t have a more interesting answer for you, but I’ll be damned if I’m going to let the earth’s periodical tilting away from the sun prevent me from enjoying these tasty pieces of pork. I got a new grill from

The crab, chicken and thousand island looks like a taco but is actually more of a crackling sandwich. You cannot eat this without making a mess but that’s half the fun. Long and thin shards of chicken skin crackling are used to sandwich a filling of handpicked crab mixed with thousand island dressing. It’s sweet and creamy, crunch and salty, and so darned delicious you’ll immediately want to order another one. Or two.

I never made boneless country style ribs before & looked & looked for an easy recipe. Thank G-d, I found this recipe. You made it so easy with the step by step directions & pics. If you have never cooked a thing before, you may not know what it is supposed to look like. You took out all concerns with the pics. Thank you!

Reintroduced as part of the Royal Adelaide Show in 2011 after a 80-year hiatus, the Beer Awards aim to recognise the importance of Australia’s $7 billion beer industry and to provide an opportunity for small breweries to test their wares against larger brewers.

When we attack the blue swimmer crab for the second time, I brace myself for the onslaught of fermented shrimp paste in the white pepper sauce we experienced two days ago. But Mike has already pulled back the pungency, a well-calculated move that means the crab is no longer overshadowed by the intensity of fermented shrimp. The white pepper sauce has a lot more nuances, so much so that I end up scooping this over my second bowl of fried rice.

IMHO that is exactly the frame of mind every one of us should approach each build we take on! Make it the best of it’s kind. If we achieve that lofty goal, outstanding! If we don’t, we figure out what didn’t go right and make it right. It’s a recipe for success.


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